Andre E. Susanto Speaker at Energy Storage Summit Asia

Andre E. Susanto

Chief Technology Officer Quantum Power Asia

Andre Susanto is trained as an engineer and physicist with over 20 years of experience in renewable energy, transportation, computer industry, and consumer electronics. His skills are sought after globally and proven by his work with multi-billion-dollar international companies. The roles he has undertaken include technical product development, strategic business development, executive level decision making and strategic thinking, and operational strategies for efficiency and cost reduction. In the renewable energy sector, Mr. Susanto has been crucial in the development of businesses and projects worth more than US$ 500 million. He has held various executive positions resulting in an eight-fold revenue increase in the division he led, developing and implementing new products, business models, and fundraising strategies resulting in a multi-million-dollar funding round that attracted investments from multi-billion dollar international energy companies. In recent years, Mr. Susanto has also received global awards and recognition such as UNIDO’s Energy Globe Award, ASEAN Energy Award, and a semi-finalist in Shell’s LiveWire Top Ten Innovators. Currently he is heavily involved in various strategic and executive roles for the development, design, implementation, and fundraising of more than 7 GW of renewable energy projects including GW scale solar PV and Battery Energy Storage System, off-grid and isolated grid systems, and green hydrogen projects. He also founded a social enterprise company specifically to address economic development in rural areas using renewable energy ( The social enterprise and its team members have surveyed over 500 rural communities, inspected over 300 mini and microgrids, and designed/funded/implemented/operated solar PV systems and modular smart grids serving around 5,000 people.

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