Dr. Ruth Briones Speaker at Energy Storage Summit Asia

Dr. Ruth Briones

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Greenergy Solutions Inc.

Dr. Ruth P. Briones is a Sustainability Expert, acknowledged climate leader, and author, by profession. She is the Chairman/President of Greenergy Solutions Inc. After working with the Philippine Government for 25 years and as International Consultant with the Asian Development Bank, she joined the private sector doing sustainable environment, climate change mitigation and renewable energy development, policy formulation, research, and financial consultancy. Further, she was one of the authors of the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability, Volume VII- Public-Private Partnerships in 2014. She authored and principal proponent of the framework of a Zero Waste Agenda as scheme for circular economy for the ASEAN. Other published works include the following: The Paradigm Shift to Integrated Systems of Waste Management in Asia” published in some various publications and research website, “Switching the Clean Energy Transition” published in some research websites, “Women Empowerment of Climate Change and Environment” presented during the celebration of Women’s Day in 2018, “Utility Scale Renewable Energy for the Future” presented during the Clean Energy Summit in Bangkok, 2016 and lot more research works on sustainable development.

She had finished the Degrees of Doctor of Laws, Juris Doctor, Masters in Public Administration and Bachelor of Science of Agricultural Engineering in prestigious Universities in the Philippines.

Dr. Briones was presented the Renewable Energy Business Leader in Asia of the year 2022 by Energy Box in December 2022 during the Solar Energy and Storage Asia Conference, the 2020 Asia’s Top Sustainability Superwomen by a Singapore based sustainability organization (www.csrworks.com). In 2015, she was declared as one of the 50 Global Sustainability Superstars during the 2015 World’s Sustainability Congress in Mauritius on December 8, 2015. She was conferred the “Sustainability Leadership Award and listed at the same time presented as one of the Most Impactful Green Leaders, Global Listings, during the 2016 World CSR Congress in Mumbai, India in February 2016. She was a Philippine Government Environment and Natural Resources Scholar.

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