Sunita Dubey Speaker at Energy Storage Summit Asia

Sunita Dubey

Country Representative, Vietnam GEAPP

Sunita Dubey is the Country Representative for the GEAPP in Vietnam and leads battery energy storage system work in the region. She has 25+ years of combined experience in the energy sector in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Africa. She brings extensive international analytical and project implementation experience in renewable energy, energy efficiency, the grid and off-grid sector, decarbonization strategies, energy access, climate change and carbon markets.


Prior to GEAPP, she worked at the World Bank (ESMAP, Africa and Asia Region) and co-led project preparation and implementation on clean energy and energy access portfolio along with climate change considerations and co-benefits in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Solomon Islands and Vietnam. She worked on the Multi-Tier Framework initiative which redefines the way energy access is measure and led implementation in India and Kenya. She was instrumental in co-conceptualizing and bringing together developers under the umbrella of Africa Minigrid Developers Association. She has worked with many non-profit organizations, thinktanks and government and is recognized by colleagues for quality work and ethics, innovative ideas, partnerships with private sector, bilateral and multilateral organizations. She has published a wide range of policy notes, technical reports, articles, and blogs for the World Bank and other organizations.


She has double master’s in environmental science and energy policy and is a Chevening fellow.






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