Wilson Puon Speaker at Energy Storage Summit Asia

Wilson Puon

Head of Integrated Clean Energy Solutions Ditrolic Energy Group

Wilson has held managerial positions for over 10 years. In these roles, he is responsible for defining the business strategy, building and managing teams, and ensuring the
sustainable growth of Integrated Clean Energy Solutions. Additionally, he leads the development, coordination, and execution of a go-to-market strategy for Integrated Clean
Energy Solutions, generating new business opportunities. Wilson is tasked with identifying opportunities to develop new clean energy solutions.
Prior to joining Ditrolic Group, he was employed at Festo Sdn Bhd, where he started as an application engineer. Festo, a German-based mechanical company, specializes in
hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Wilson’s clients at Festo included semiconductor manufacturers, food industry players, glove manufacturers, palm oil industry companies, water industry firms, and general manufacturers. Following his tenure at Festo, Wilson worked at Schneider Electric Industries (M) Sdn Bhd, a French multinational company known for its expertise in digital automation and energy management for seven years. During his time at Schneider Electric, Wilson transitioned to the Energy Efficiency division, assuming the role of Assistant Account Manager. He also served as an energy consultant, responsible for overseeing plant audits and identifying opportunities for improving energy efficiency for customers.

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