Yasuyuki Kaneko Speaker at Energy Storage Summit Asia

Yasuyuki Kaneko

Head of Asset Management Division Japan Renewable Energy Corporation

Yasuyuki Kaneko joined Japan Renewable Energy (JRE) in 2021 after having some experiences in the renewable energy (mainly wind) industry, especially asset management of wind and solar plants, in not only Japan but also APAC, Europe, and the Americas for more than a dozen years.

He has been focusing on both the technical, and the commercial and administrative aspects of the asset management since he started his carrier in this renewable energy industry since 2005 which include 1) the introduction of in-house O&M (Japan, Korea, and Norway), 2) launching the 24/7 operation control centre in Japan for the purposes of predicting failures using AI technologies and optimizing production, and 3) developing specific KPIs for RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Serviceability).

In terms of the battery business, JRE has just launched a BTM solar project in Japan and operates it in order to maximize the revenue of the project using the daily electricity price spread in the market and willing to expand the size of the business as well as the purposes of the business to arbitrage, resource adequacy, and ancillary service leading the policy change of Japanese Authority.


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